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North Cyprus Real Estates’ portal provides a vast range of information about North Cyprus real estate agents, North Cyprus properties, property development and other useful points of reference about the Northern Cyprus real estates market to our visitors.

When you make a search on our website, you can find detailed information about North Cyprus real estate agents and the specific services they offer to their customers to provide them with their dream homes, villas, apartments or land. Together with the relevant advice needed when considering the purchase of properties in North Cyprus. In addition to providing the clients with desirable properties, the Real Estate Agents in North Cyprus can aid you with finding accommodation for your inspection trip, airport transfers, car rentals, introduce you to architects and construction companies should you be considering building a property to your own specification, property management and also they present off-plan properties, after sales, property management and rentals.

Our data base holds a diverse range of properties to suit all budgets and tastes. With UK pensions yielding an all time low, never has there been a better time to consider purchasing an overseas property in North Cyprus. Many people choose North Cyprus when considering the purchase of an overseas investment property due to many factors including not only the hot climate but the fact that property is so much cheaper than in the rest of the Mediterranean. When considering the purchase of an overseas Investment in North Cyprus several factors should be taken into account.

The Sale of properties is increasing in North Cyprus as the property market grows and resale properties in North Cyprus are advantageous in yielding a quick return on the initial investment. Villas, apartments and homes for sale and resale are available on this website.

Besides the property market, the rental of properties has also grown in North Cyprus, Short Term and Long Term Rentals are provided by real estate agents and you can see the rental properties available by registering with the Estate Agents in North Cyprus.

When you decide to buy a property in North Cyprus, you can get help from the Estate Agents featured on the North Cyprus Real Estates’ portal.

North Cyprus land is available both on the sea shore and mountain side, in the towns and villages scattered around North Cyprus. People prefer to buy land in the Northern Cyprus than in the southern side of Cyprus due to the unrivalled cost of land.

The tranquil environment and idyllic climate, coupled with the ample choice of affordable, newly constructed villas makes North Cyprus an ideal choice for the purchase of an overseas investment property.

North Cyprus Estate Agents can advise you on government registered property developers so that you can rest assured that the choice of Northern Cyprus property you have made is with a reputable company, who can be relied upon to construct and complete your property to the standard promised and adhere to deadlines. Off-plan property construction can yield a high return for any serious investor, by returning up to 20% from initial purchase through to completion this is more than any UK bank can offer in a high interest account.

Moreover, our real estates website includes a buyer’s guide for those interested in purchasing properties in North Cyprus. There are some strict procedures which must be adhered to according to the property you will purchase and it is advisable to contact a local independent Lawyer who can advise of the local laws and regulations.

Location of your property in Northern Cyprus is one of the most important things you need to consider when looking to purchase your ideal home or villa. Our North Cyprus Real Estates’ portal provides its visitors a wide range of information regarding the different locations and areas.

This website aids all our visitors in every subject related to Real Estates in North Cyprus. In fact, it should be noted that we do not sell Real Estate, but we present them with extensive information concerning Estate Agents in North Cyprus. You can browse whatever you need on the North Cyprus Real Estates portal or else you may get in touch with us by sending an email. Please feel free to contact our information service at anytime with your questions.

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