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Land in North Cyprus

Land in North Cyprus is normally purchased by investors who wish to construct either their own individually designed property in North Cyprus or investors who wish to build on a larger scale such as; shops, a hotel, or complex with the view to selling on to other private investors.

North Cyprus is a relatively new area in the property market for investors and as such there are beautiful unspoilt areas still available for purchase. So buyers can find incredible Northern Cyprus land with wonderful views of both the Kyrenia Mountain Range or coastline or both. Talk with your Real Estate Agent who can help you find the perfect plot for your prospective property investment in North Cyprus.

Price of Northern Cyprus Land

The price of land in North Cyprus varies according to many factors, Northern Cyprus land on the sea side is more expensive than land on the mountain side and of course infrastructure plays a big part in pricing. The larger the plot you purchase the cheaper per donum it can be, it is recommended that you check what percentage of the land can be built upon as each plot will vary. North Cyprus Estate agent can check this on your behalf and offer you any guidance you may need.

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