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Property Locations and Areas in North Cyprus

In North Cyprus there are many attractive locations, mainly westwards and eastwards of Kyrenia suitable for property and land buy. Before buying a Northern Cyprus property you should consider a few points concerning location, such as transport, degree of development in the area, sun and sea factors and more. For instance when buying a North Cyprus villa close to the sea be aware of a damper atmosphere as well as higher winds. On the other hand, if you prefer a quieter area further in the mountains, bear in mind that the low sun horizon in winter may leave your  Northern Cyprus home in the cold. Many times it is only direct sunshine that can turn an otherwise cold winter’ s day into a pleasant one. On the whole you can choose from many possible options to make your property in North Cyprus best positioned.

Kyrenia region

Close to Kyrenia in popular areas such as Catalkoy, Bellapais, Lapta or Alsancak North Cyprus  property market exists for only few last years and has been concentrated around the existing villages and services that were in place. The whole region to both directions of Kyrenia thus has expanded into a tourist destination and a most visited area of North Cyprus, with plenty of restaurants, bars, shops and lovely beaches to service the North Cyprus property buyers. The villages set under the Kyrenia Mountains and overlooked by St Hilarion Castle up above, are nearly all elevated in the tranquil foothills, for in the past having a good view on the approaching pirate ships. Now with the mountains as a backdrop and the Mediterranean sea view you are given absolutely splendid scenery for your Northern Cyprus holiday houses and villas. On a clear day, from the north coast you are able to see the mountains of Turkey.

Esentepe, Tatlisu and Bahceli

As of latest trend in North Cyprus property investment is the area far east of Kyrenia with locations like Esentepe, Bahceli and further east Tatlisu. What makes this region attractive, besides unspoilt beaches, is a new road and a 18-hole Esentepe golf course. Together with the ongoing development of accommodation the area represents a hot spot for tourism and a future build.

Famagusta region

The other coast line of Northern Cyprus properties lies in north Famagusta area with holiday homes in Salamis, Iskele, Bogaz, Kumyali and stretching further towards Karpaz. Still there is much more to come in terms of property development in Northern Cyprus whether it is Kyrenia region or other remote areas.

Locations and areas west from Kyrenia


This small village, the name of which is translated as place of olives lies just a mile to the west of Kyrenia. Every year locals shake the trees and pick the olives in order to press their own olive oil and in Zeytinlik an Olive festival is held every October - accompanied with celebrations, folk dancing and a wide range of food.


The name Karaoglanoglu was given after a Turkish colonel who fell in the area during the Turkish Intervention in 1974 – a pretty hard to pronounce, but you can make it when you omit ‘g’s in it. Only 3 miles west of Kyrenia, ranged with restaurants along the road, and a Kervansaray Beach popular for its sunsets. A road upper to the mountain will lead you to Girne American University – a complex where you can practice sports.

Edremit & Karaman

Climbing up to the mountains from Karaoglanoglu you will find a small village Edremit, with a popular Hideaway Hotel, followed by another village higher up towards the mountains – a picturesque Karaman. In both you will find a mixture of old and new North Cyprus properties and still plenty of undeveloped land amongst the rolling hills. Karaman has been given a name of a most beautiful village of North Cyprus. No wonder, with its Northern Cyprus houses restored in a traditional manner, flagged floors, beamed ceilings, stone arches and roof terraces set in an array of flowers, plants and tree this is a popular village for many British people.


This well-known area is located approximately 7 miles west off Kyrenia and has developed into a tourist centre with popular hotels, restaurants, beaches, and supermarkets. If you come to Alsancak from Kyrenia, on the right hand side you will see a huge leaning Ci Karma monument, a commemoration of Turkish army landing on the beach during the Intervention in 1974. Offering a wide space for Northern Cyprus property development, there are some new properties available in this area.

Yesiltepe & lgaz

You will find these villages between Alsancak and Karaoglanoglu on the road that leads right up into the mountains (yesil tepe means green hill). Yesiltepe and Ilgaz have precious little land available for building and there are some excellent, yet small developments of villas along with a wide variety of older North Cyprus properties which not surprisingly are rarely available for sale!


A large village of Lapta lies about 9 miles west of Kyrenia, and is spread on the three levels of the mountain lowlands. Apart from the school, church and mosques you will find here all the necessary amenities complemented with skilled local craftsmen. This is the attractive area for developments of luxury Northern Cyprus villas in the hills and near the sea. In the recent years the area has grown with the hotels, bars, and an easy access to the beaches made it a nice place for property buy in North Cyprus.


Baspinar is situated right above Lapta, west of Kyrenia, and is many times described as a sleepy village. People often call it also Upper Lapta since the two villages have virtually merged into one and are linked by the same local council. Baspinar, meaning head stream, earned its name from the source of natural water springs that run along channels beside the roads all the way down to Lapta.


Situated in a more remote area west of Kyrenia, Karsiyaka is a rural village settled in the lower hills of the Kyrenia Mountains. It became popular in the recent years for property buyers in North Cyprus due to its peaceful location. The visitors will find here sandy beaches, and some fish restaurants.

Locations and areas east from Kyrenia


This is the first village if you are heading east of Kyrenia, busy and with beautiful bays, supermarkets, and restaurants along the main road. The name means black sand although it is hard to find it there. Many beautiful Northern Cyprus villas are built in the very distance to the sea.


Located practically only a few minutes from Kyrenia, this small old village, easily missed, represents its outskirt. Here you will find North Cyprus village properties, large old Cypriot villas and some new property developments.


Going up toward the mountain from Dogankoy you will find poets village, Ozankoy, named in honour of Ozan, a famous Turkish Cypriot poet who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. From here you will have a wonderful view up to Bellapais Abbey which is the main dominance of the area. There are some excellent restaurants and cafes with plenty of small shops and craftsmen services. With Northern Cyprus properties built over the past years, you will still find here traditional houses and Cypriot population.

If you visit North Cyprus you cannot miss this beautiful village dominated by Gothic Bellapais Abbey a venue, where the music festival is held every year. Only 3 miles from Kyrenia, this is a demanded area for property buy in North Cyprus not only because of the monastery, but also for the wonderful views on the sea, on the whole a beautiful location for Northern Cyprus holiday villas. You will find some new property developments in the mountains and around, some restaurants and bars in lovely surroundings.


A village, its name translated as forked village is set in the mountain, in tranquility and featured with slow pace of life. Only 5 miles east of Kyrenia, you can try here horse riding in a local riding club or relax in the coffee shops. Available are various kinds of North Cyprus properties, among which village bungalows or old mansions. There are some lovely Northern Cyprus beaches, and restaurants, and this village is a popular European community venue.


A bit distant rural style area east of Kyrenia that takes 20 minute drive, nestled in the mountains. However, offers stunning views on the sea and the natural surroundings.


Together with Bahceli and Tatlisu, they represent the furthest Northern Cyprus property area east of Kyrenia – now easily accessible by a new road from Kyrenia, and a new developed 18 hole golf course in Esentepe makes it an attractive location for your property buy In North Cyprus . Esentepe is a traditional village nestled in almost a desert area, with some lovely beaches and now expanding with more European community.


Located further to the east from Esentepe, Bahceli is also surrounded with untouched scenery. In the village you will find local services including shops, café, restaurant and home made products to buy.


The name of this distant village means sweet water. From there you can see the coast of Kyrenia and the area will provide you some stunning views of  the sea and the desert piece of island.

Locations and areas north of Famagusta


This lovely coastal village with its harbour is a popular place to eat in the area of Famagusta, set only 25 km further. Many tourists stop here on their long way to Karpaz Peninsula. With hotels and restaurants near by, Bogaz is becoming an attractive place for future investing in properties and holiday homes in North Cyprus.


Once a rich city of Cyprus, is now an open air museum of ruins – gymnasium, theatre, and Roman villa, establishing of which dates back over 3000 years. The city was destroyed by earthquakes from 332 to 342 AD. Today many visitors stop by and admire the ruins set at the sea. In the area many new North Cyprus villas are being developed.


With good access to Salamis and Famagusta, Iskele is another area for property and villa development in North Cyprus. Facilities nearby like hotels and restaurants make it a good location for Northern Cyprus property market.

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