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Properties in North Cyprus

Properties in North Cyprus are more preferable when it is compared to the past. Northern Cyprus property market is developing exceedingly in recent times. There are many reasons to purchase properties in North Cyprus:

So many investors are coming to North Cyprus to buy properties in a large scale.

North Cyprus has a valuable condition politically and its economy is growing day by day.

Many holiday makers choose North Cyprus mostly for their rest because the island has a great portion in Tourism Sector.

When some people are retired, they want to live in a relaxing environment so they decided to live in North Cyprus because of low crime in this country

In addition to this, those who are vacationers in North Cyprus decided to buy a property when they saw that charming surroundings here.

Some people wish to invest in North Cyprus due to its brightest opportunities and promising a better future.

On the other hand, not only retirees and investors decide to buy Northern Cyprus  property, but also those who are hopeless for a good and safer future in their countries attempts to buy a property in North Cyprus.

Moreover, it is inevitable to have a property in North Cyprus owing to providing a better education in North Cyprus schools and universities in English Language.

Ercan Airport enables to fly directly from the other countries to North Cyprus for the first time since 1974.

North Cyprus has a superb Mediterranean climate and people could see sun shine in most of the year.

Furthermore, British people mostly tend to buy or rent properties in North Cyprus because business practices are similar to theirs by using same language, currency and legal system.

Types of Properties in North Cyprus

Apartments: Nowadays, many changes are being done in apartments which consist of flats in North Cyprus while building. As Northern Cyprus apartments are communal place, even if residents have their own flat, as a result of this; lots of problems come out among the neighbours in the apartments such as parking, gardening because they used to think that they could set up their garages on the ground floor. This problem is solved in the newest apartments in North Cyprus by making park areas in front of the apartments. And also, the newest Northern Cyprus apartments have two bathrooms. New apartments provide like these amenities for their clients. That is, apartments are bought as property in North Cyprus.

Bungalows: There are different kinds of bungalows in North Cyprus

Characters: Characters are traditional Cypriot properties.

Commercials: there are restaurants, hotels, holiday places…

Off-plan property: you can buy any Northern Cyprus property  which has not been finished yet so that you can pay less than for  the finished one.


Land: Lands in North Cyprus are most popular properties to buy even though people
are not ready to construct. They buy North Cyprus lands as investment for the future.

Semi-detached house

Studio Apartment

Re-sale property: villa-resale

Villas: Villas in North Cyprus have changed  from the previous ones, as well. They are more preferable in this country recently. There is great boom in villas of the properties in North Cyprus. In general, they are constructed outside the city centres as people get rid of tiring city life. There are resale and new-build villas.

No matter which kind of property do you decide to buy, there are some restrictions which apply to these property investments.

Price of Properties in North Cyprus is % 25 lower than the southern side and the other Mediterranean countries.

Steps to Purchase Property in North Cyprus;

  • Reserve the property you want to buy and pay reservation deposit to hold the property for two weeks
  • Hire Northern Cyprus solicitor so that he/she leads and helps you with what you need.
  • Sign the contract and it is for your well-being.
  • Pay for your property in North Cyprus and your deposit will be deducted from the payment.

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