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Rentals In North Cyprus

When renting or letting your investment property in North Cyprus, it is important to employ North Cyprus Estate agent well versed and who has a strong knowledge of all aspects in the renting field of North Cyprus. Northern Cyprus Estate Agents should be able to source a tenant, take references, draw up the contracts to protect you the landlord. They can collect rents on your behalf and ensure that all the appropriate utility bills have been paid. The estate agent in North Cyprus can ensure that any minor repairs that can happen to any overseas property are carried out by skilled technicians; they will get quotes and liaise direct with you before authorising any work. The estate agent will keep records of any money spent on your property whilst you are out of North Cyprus and they will email you statements of account at regular intervals. The Estate Agents will arrange cleaning of your Northern Cyprus property as well as offering a laundry service, window cleaning, garden maintenance amongst many other services.

Short Term Rentals

A short term rental is what is more commonly known as a holiday let, this is where any investor can reap a high return on their initial property investment, properties are let during the summer months on a week to week basis, however it is customary for the property in North Cyprus  to be fully furnished. If the Northern Cyprus property is centrally located, has a swimming pool or the use of one and air conditioning it will commend a high rent.

Long Term Rentals

North Cyprus Properties which are let on a long term basis is guaranteed income, investors can make a choice whether to furnish the property or not. Unfurnished Northern Cyprus properties will normally commend a lower rent. There is a high demand in North Cyprus for long term rental properties, either apartments or villas. The main clientele is either Students or English people who do not wish to purchase but prefer to rent.

An investor can maximise the income on their property in North Cyprus by letting it on a short term basis for the summer period and then letting it for the winter to tenants awaiting their own property to be constructed, they will require a rental property for maximum three to four months. This process allows the landlord to have his/her Northern Cyprus property rented all year and yield a high return on their property investment.

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