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Property Sale And Property Resale In North Cyprus

North Cyprus estate agents resolve is to match the perfect North Cyprus property with the right buyer. They will represent your interests at all stages and safeguard your property investment by guiding you through all aspects of the process of the overseas North Cyprus property buying procedure.

When choosing an estate agent in Northern Cyprus it is imperative to check that they are only working with reputable, government registered and dependable construction companies in North Cyprus. Your Northern Cyprus estate agent will introduce you to independent, honest, reliable and trustworthy legal representatives in North Cyprus, who are fully versed in all local conveyancing matters.

North Cyprus Estate Agents we have featured within our web site have wide portfolios, whether you are looking for a new build, traditional renovation project, re-sale or buying a property off-plan as a retirement or holiday home or as pure property investment, they can help you every step of the way.

It is possible to register with North Cyprus Estate Agents before visiting North Cyprus itself, that way you can browse their web sites and see Northern Cyprus properties they have to offer and short list those you may wish to see on your inspection visit, saving you time on your precious trip.
By giving the estate agents as much information as possible regarding your personal requirements they can update you as new Northern Cyprus properties come to the market.

Northern Cyprus Estate Agents can arrange appointments for you to visit your chosen properties in North Cyprus, they will always send a representative to accompany you to the viewings, this will give you the comfort of knowing you have a contact to ask all those important questions you may have regarding, location or specifications of the Northern Cyprus properties you are viewing.

Once you have chosen a property in North Cyprus, leave the rest to your North Cyprus estate agent, they will initially make a verbal offer to the vendor on your behalf, if the offer is accepted they will then help you locate an independent Northern Cyprus lawyer to help you through the contract process. It is important to know that there are no financial obligations at this stage, until the contracts are drawn up, although it is normal for the vendors to ask for a holding deposit to be left with your lawyer in North Cyprus, to take the property off Northern Cyprus market. Holding deposits in general are refundable until the contracts are signed, however it is best to check this situation with your Estate Agent in North Cyprus.

It is imperative that you have a local North Cyprus independent lawyer who is well versed in local conveyancing law. They will make all the relevant checks on the Northern Cyprus property or land to ascertain that all the building permits have been obtained, verify the properties boundaries and check with the local land registry to make sure the property and land in North Cyprus being purchased is clear from any influence that may affect Northern Cyprus properties value.

Once your North Cyprus lawyer has checked all the above then the contract will be drawn up, a time frame will be set for signing and exchange. The lawyer will then apply to the council of ministers for your permission to buy Northern Cyprus propery which may take between 6 – 12 months. Once the permit has been issued then you are able to register your name with the Land Registry Office as the legal owner. This process does not affect you moving into your property in North Cyprus, which can be done on completion if it is a new build or once the final payment has been made and the keys have been handed over. Once you have your keys you are now the proud owner of your overseas investment home In North Cyprus. If you are buying an off-plan or a renovation property project then your Northern Cyprus lawyer will advise you of the due dates for the stage payments.

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