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Property Title Deeds in North Cyprus

If you decide to buy property in North Cyprus, study the title deeds first. There are different types of title deeds prior to the Turkish Intervention in July 1974 so be sure you choose the safe one. A fully qualified North Cyprus lawyer in this context is inevitable.

Freehold Property in North Cyprus

When buying a freehold you select the property in North Cyprus and agree a price. A contract will be drawn up by a chosen lawyer who has to be registered in North Cyprus. The whole procedure of Northern Cyprus property purchase can be quite lengthy. The North Cyprus property buyer will provide a deposit and a lawyer will apply to the relevant authorities, the T.R.N.C. Council of Ministers, for permission to buy property in North Cyprus. Once purchase permit has been received vendor transfers title into purchasers name.

In North Cyprus freehold property or land can be divided into following sections:

Pre 1974 Turkish Cypriot title - a land or property originally owned by a Turkish Cypriot before 1974. Since we are in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), these deeds are 100% safe. However, before registering the property in your name, you have to apply to Council of Ministers for approval. Foreign buyers are limited to 1 dönüm (3,600 square feet or 1,338 square meters) of land per person (a married couple count as one person unless they have different surnames). The approval procedure can take approximately six months.

Pre 1974 Foreign title - Northern Cyprus land or property that was sold to someone other than a Cypriot (Greek or Turkish), for instance a British national, and was still owned by such a person at the time of the Turkish intervention.

Pre 1974 Greek Cypriot title – a land or property in North Cyprus originally owned by a Greek Cypriot before 1974. Pre Greek Cypriot titles can be subdivided into two main categories:

Exchange Title (‘Esdeger’) – North Cyprus land or property that was given to a Turkish Cypriot by the TRNC government, on a points based system, as a compensation for land they had to leave behind in the South.

TMD or Points Based Allocated Land Title – a land that was given to a Turkish Cypriot or mainland Turkish settler by the TRNC government, other than as a compensation for land they had to leave in the South. This Northern Cyprus land was awarded e.g. to the military servicemen or their widows and children subsequent to 1974.

Leasehold Property in North Cyprus

Leasehold properties in North Cyprus, usually derelict, are owned by the T.R.N.C. and available on a 49 year lease basis. You may at any time freely lease or rent Northern Cyprus property, including your own, for any period of choice. There are no particular restrictions for foreign nationals in North Cyprus. Lease agreements over 1 year must be in writing. Leasehold properties in Northern Cyprus are found small in number and the process for buying leasehold is similar to buying a freehold, but the buyer’ s application to buy a property is applied to North Cyprus Ministry of Tourism and not the Ministry of Interior, as in case of freehold.

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